How to Choose your first Home Theater System

Choosing your first home theater system can be an expensive endeavor. It may be difficult to decide between what you want and what will be best for your home and budget. These tips will put you in the right mindset to begin your search for the best home theater equipment.

1.Do your Research

Home theater systems can cost between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars. Typical beginner systems include a CD/DVD player, an LCD or widescreen television and several speakers. These basic pieces can be purchased separately or together. Begin by researching what you think you want in your home and who is offering the best deals. Read consumer reviews of the equipment as well. These are written by people just like you who are looking for video and sound solutions in their home and will be able to give you good advice about how the products perform in a home.

2.Decide which room will hold your Equipment. Many people install home theater equipment in a living or bedroom, others choose to dedicate an entire room to their systems. Deciding where your system will be will help you choose what to purchase and how big the items can be.

3.Measure, Measure and Measure Again! Once you decided which room will host your home theater system make sure you are positive of that room’s size and where in the room the equipment will reside. Nothing is worse than purchasing equipment that does not fit in the space you planned for it. You also want to ensure the room is big enough for your planned system. You do not want to be forced to sit directly in front of a large television screen or have too much congestion in the room that muffles out the sound of your new speakers.

4.Bring a Knowledgeable Friend When You Go Shopping. If you know someone who already has a good home theater system in their house, bring them with you when shopping. They will be able to point you in the right direction and answer questions about the equipment.

5.Listen to the System in the Store if Possible. When you find something you think you like, see if you can find one that is hooked up in the store. This will give you a basic idea about how the system works and what it will sound like.

6.Look for the Chief Components First. Try to find the sound system and television first. These are the biggest parts when you begin building a system, so it makes sense to purchase these items first.

7.You Don’t Need to Go for the “Wow Factor” Right Away. Home theater equipment is an investment. Over time it can grow into a larger and larger system. This approach will save you money in the short term and still allow you to have the home theater of your dreams.

8.Plan for Your Next Steps. Whether it is a bigger speaker, new lighting, specialty seats or movie theater-like carpeting, it is important to keep planning your next additions to your home theater system.

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